Ms. Sanju Sachdev

Co-Founder & Academic-Creative Director

Ms. Sanju Sachdev is a software engineer by profession. There is an interesting story that made her move into education sector. As a child she always found it difficult to cram up lessons. Reading from book was nothing less than a daunting task for her. Things became difficult as she progressed into higher standards. It was at this juncture she learned something new about herself.

One day, her friend came home for combined studies; she was reading the lesson loudly and Sanju was simply listening to it. Later, she realized that she could remember the entire lesson while her friend was still trying to mug up. Sanju understood she can easily learn and memorize things by listening. The finding completely changed her life. She made it a point to learn through listening. The important lesson she learnt from it is that every child is unique and has a different way of learning. Sanju’s credential speaks volume about her academic achievements.

The Santa Kidz is her vision along with its co-founders to come up with a unique educational system where focus is on finding the best way the children learned like Visual, Verbal (Linguistic), Physical (Kinesthetic), Logical, Interpersonal and Intrapersonal. Sanju played a significant role in preparing the path breaking The Santa Kidz curriculum using the Brain Development Methodology and Learning style. The results are marvelous. The Santians are way ahead from other kids of the same age group. Thanks to Sanju and her team to come up with such innovative learning technique that has completely transformed lives of our little buds.

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